Celebrity Happenings: Nicola Peltz Marries Brooklyn Beckham in a Decadent Valentino Gown

Nicola Peltz Marries Brooklyn Beckham

The wedding ceremony of Nicola Peltz, an actress, a 27-year-old billionaire and a Brooklyn Beckham the 23-year-old son of a football player David Beckham and former designer Victoria Beckham opened the gateway for the upcoming marriages, legally. In Florida, at the Palm Beach Estate of Peltz’s family, David and Victoria have tied the knot.

The wedding dressing of the couple was fascinating and eye-catching, as Peltz appeared in an enduring Valentino haute couture gown with a decadent pooling train and a square neckline. Peltz’s stylist Leslie Fremar revealed in his interview with British Vogue that tailoring the wedding dress for Peltz was his eventual couture experience until now and that it took many trips to the label’s headquarters in Rome. He also claimed that the dress was the result of almost one year of brainstorming and a long-haul voyage through the main dressmaker.

Officially Peltz and Beckham are now married and the way Peltz specially wore her fairytale dress was fabulous and mind-blowing, as they both belong to the fashionable families of the 21st century. Celebrities like Peltz are already a symbol of wholesale fashion models and many Wholesale Clothing brands display their new designs with the help of models. A custom Dior suit in response to the couture gown of Peltz was a superb and romantic style worn by the groom and that is why the event turned into one of the star-studded weddings of the year.

Within an interview, Peltz also told that with the help of the creative director of Valentino, Pierpaolo Picciolo it becomes practical to wear such a lovely dress as he has received many other fashions dress credits in the last year such as one of the vibrant and mesmerizing viral all-pink show at the Paris Fashion Week. Peltz’s mother actually requested the Valentino’s director to sewn the dress for her daughter.

Nicola Peltz & Brooklyn Beckham by Wholesale Shopping

Both Peltz’s mother and the award-wining and well-known designer have made it possible for Peltz to be dressed like an angel, wearing the modern dressing style. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that it was purely the dressing of the bride and groom that made it publicly noticeable and appealing.

The idea to wear a designer dress at the wedding ceremony was not only to attract guests and public but to encourage guests and other celebrities to raise funds for humanitarian charity care in order to support needy and helpless citizens impacted through the current Ukraine-Russia war.

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