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Conveniently in the heart of the UK Fashion country, Wholesale Shopping brings premier fashion to your fingertips. Wholesale Shopping is where fashion designers, manufacturers, and distributors come together to provide members with a one-stop-shop for all wholesale fashion needs. Being an online business-to-business (B2B), Wholesale Shopping effectively bridges together large-scale vendors and retail buyers from all over the world to boost sales and brand exposure. Registered buyers gain access to a curated online wholesale marketplace with vendors through one convenient hub.

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Regular Size=One Size(Fits UK8-14);Plus Size=One;Extra Plus Size=One Size(Fits UK 24-30)
Girl's Plain Cycling Shorts
per piece
£1.99 ( pcs )
Stock: 450 Packs


Success stories from our vendors

The team at Wholesale Shopping has been incredibly supportive and responsive, ensuring that every transaction runs smoothly. Working with Wholesale Shopping has been a game-changer, and I fully satisfied with the results.

Lisa Ward

As a vendor with Wholesale Shopping, I have been impressed by their seamless payment system. From the moment order is placed to the final payment processing, the entire experience has been smooth and hassle-free.

Irene Ball

Partnering with Wholesale Shopping has fueled rapid growth for my business. Their sport of experts and efficient order processing has attracted a large customer base. With the support and resources, I have expanded my product offerings and reached new markets.

Chloe Pugh

My experience as a vendor with Wholesale Shopping has been nothing short of exceptional. From the moment I partnered with them, I knew I made the right choice. Their seamless payment and competitive pricing have elevated my business to new heights.

Anna Merry

Their user-friendly platform allow me to easily list and showcase my products, reaching a wider audience. They provide valuable marketing resources, including product descriptions and images, enabling me to effectively promote my offers. With Wholesale Shopping's guidance, I have learned effective marketing techniques and optimized my listings for maximum visibility.

Denise Molyneux

Working with Wholesale Shopping has been a remarkable journey. Their prompt customer support ensures smooth transactions. From start to finish, Wholesale Shopping has been a reliable partner, making my vendor experience truly satisfying and profitable.

Hazel Clay