Against Fast Fashion: Young Women are at the Front According to Recent Survey

Young Women are at the Front Against Fast Fashion

Do you know what is fast fashion? Do you know what is the problem with fast fashion today? This post will talk about the decline fast fashion is now facing as many people are going against it day by day.

Fast fashion refers to the rapid process of manufacturing high volumes of apparel for all age genders. Fast fashion apparel is a way of manufacturing trend imitation whereas using poor quality clothing fabrics like synthetic fabrics to carry cheap styles and designs for hasty and low-budget consumers. 

However, at the United Nations’ Cop26 Conference, in Glasgow, it is revealed that three-quarters of the British public showed their worries regarding the global climate issue, as reported by the Office for Nation Statistics. No doubt, climate change has emerged as one of the critical and controversial subject matters, globally.

Among many industries, the fashion industry has turned into one of the leading contributors to climate change, as nearly 10% of the carbon emission is the result of fast fashion production. Manufacturing highly synthetic apparel while using third-class clothing materials has laid down the actual foundation for the growing rate of climate change. 

Within the climate conference, this year, various high-profile personalities, involving British fashion designer Stella McCartney, claimed the need for more sustainable Wholesale Fashion industry production, globally.    

Regardless of the rising growth of different fast fashion brands, Boohoo claimed an income of more than £975 million in the last six months., showing an increase of almost 20% when compared to the last year. The overall public attitude is changing and people are shifting towards slow fashion.

According to a recent study of nearly 2,094 adults, conducted by the University of Hull, 58% of the young people of age between 18 and 24 are now going against fast fashion while changing their shopping attitude rapidly just because of the sustainability and climate change issues of managing fast fashion.


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