Dua Lipa Queen of Fashionista Just Added an Italian Twist to the Canadian Tuxedo!

Dua Lippa Italian Look

Dua Lipa is showing once more that she is a Vogue Hottie.

It's no secret that the singer is one of the designer’s many inspirations, and her affection for the brand was evident backstage at her Milan concert on May 25. The 26-year-old singer stood on a branded couch line in a backstage space that was entirely decked out in Versace.

Dua Lipa posted a carousel of photos on Instagram with the caption "Backstage milano baby" that included a picture of herself wearing a miniskirt and sculpted bustier bra.

The jacquard patchwork print is a pricey Italian interpretation of the Canadian tuxedo that is present on all the products. And in typical Versace style, Dua Lipa's knee-high stiletto heels feature the wholesale fashion house's famous golden Medusa head on the pointed toes. The entire ensemble costs around $10,000, and it was just one of many looks that Dua Lipa and stylist Lorenzo Posocco created for the evening.

Shelby Smith, a makeup artist from the UK, gave the singer's lips a deep rust color and finished the look with a strong cat-eye and thick brows. (Really, Dua Lipa's eyebrows are a work of art in this.) Jake Gallagher maintained her trademark long, dark brown hair looking smooth and ready for a hair flip.

Dua Lipa's fashion game and the Future Nostalgia tour are both still going strong. Whatever stylistic choices are made after that, we are confident they won't let us down.

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