Wholesale vs. Direct Buying: What’s Best for UK Retailers?

Wholesale vs. Direct Buying

You need to know the difference between wholesale and direct buying so that you may choose the right option for your business. To ensure your success in the e-commerce business. In our daily life, we do two types of businesses. Wholesale and retail businesses.

How do these businesses work?

Which business model will suit you the best?

If you go through this guide, you’ll learn a lot to make the right choice for you. You need to go through it with interest to have maximum info to decide for you.

What is the major difference between wholesale and direct buying?

Wholesale means selling bulk clothing to other businesses at quite a concession rate. Direct buying means you buy directly from the manufacturers without involving the third party.

There are some pros and cons of both these types of business. But a thorough study of this content will brief you the best. Maximum manufacturers sell their products through wholesalers instead of dealing with customers or consumers directly. We can give examples of many companies like RH Nu-tall following this way.

How Does Wholesale Operate?

Wholesale is a process through which retailers buy products from manufacturers or distributors. Store them in their warehouses and then sell them to retailers to earn profit. Wholesalers buy products in bulk at a reasonable rate and then sell to retailers at high prices. For example, a wholesaler buys 200 pieces of shirts at the rate of 5 pound per piece and sells it to retailers at the rate of 8 pounds per piece.

Wholesale Operate

Difference Between wholesalers and Manufacturers

Before going ahead, you need to clear this concept. A wholesaler buys directly from manufacturers and sells to retailers. A manufacturer produces products on a large scale.

Manufacturers have dual roles sometimes they produce or manufacture goods. Sometimes they also sell to retailers. They make goods from raw materials and sell them to retailers through wholesalers to earn profit. They make products according to their speciality.

Significance of Wholesalers to Manufacturers

If sell through wholesalers you can face less risk compared to selling to customers. When they sell to wholesalers they can get a lot of benefits. When you sell through wholesalers you can spare your time and sell in bulk and give full attention to other aspects of your business. Without involving wholesalers, you will have to deal with customers individually which is time time-consuming and tedious task. If you analyze it apparently, you’ll find selling directly to customers is profitable but actually, it is not.

It has been observed that buying from wholesalers is profitable compared to other ways where you go to the manufacturers. If you buy from a wholesaler, you can have many options.

If you have enough capital, you can stock a wide range of clothing. On the other hand, if you have limited investment you buy in small amounts to fulfil your needs. Suppose you’re a wholesaler you buy 100 pieces of the shirt at five pounds and sell these to retailers at pounds eight per piece.

Functions of Wholesalers

  • Buying directly from the manufacturers
  • They don’t sell directly to the end users
  • They resell products to other businesses in small quantities at a higher cost

Retailers Operations

Retailers stock products from manufacturers, distributors, or wholesalers to sell to end users. When we buy anything as consumers, we go to retailers.

For example, a retailer buys 100 pieces of shirts at the rate of six pounds per piece from wholesalers and sells them to customers at the rate of ten pounds per piece.

Retailers Operations

Retailers range

  • Buy clothing or any other products directly from the wholesaler of manufacturers
  • Supply products to the end user

Pros of Picking Products Directly from Manufacturers

The main benefit of buying products from manufacturers is the ensued quality standard for which retailers struggle hard. Quality is part of the manufacturing process. In case you’re not satisfied regarding quality you can contact the manufacturers directly.

Some retailers think that they can have the best quality when they pick directly because the involvement of third parties can make the quality standard low.

If you’re buying from manufacturers, you would expect that you can access the fine quality rather than purchasing through a third party.

Through dealing with manufacturers, you can reduce the size of your supply chain. If you cut off the middleman, you’ll streamline your process.

Cons of Buying from Manufacturers

Maximum retailers think that direct dealing with manufacturers provides benefits regarding pricing. When you buy directly from manufacturers you’ll have to spend more. Manufacturers don’t target sales rather their attention is on production. They want to avail of higher profit margins because of the end of the line of their products.

You can’t avail of the desired variety of the product from manufacturers. Moreover, manufacturers provide quality products to wholesale because of the large size of their orders. Those who order in bulk will be facilitated more regarding the quality and their wholesaler.

Their main focus is on the product rather than anything else.

Cons of Buying from Wholesalers

Compared to manufacturers dealing with wholesalers is more profitable. As you can have a much wider selection while dealing with them. The wholesale industry is a huge space for retailers to access several products in the market. Here are some major benefits that retailers can avail of while dealing directly with wholesalers.

Cons of Buying from Wholesalers

Cost Saving

For retailers buying from wholesalers is inexpensive compared to other channels. Wholesalers provide goods to retailers at a minimum low rate.

Bulk Discount

If retailers buy directly from wholesalers they’ll enjoy bulk discounts. In this way, retailers grow by selling products at a reasonable profit.

Easy Access to Products?

If you purchase directly from the wholesalers, you can reduce the time and complexity involved in obtaining the products.

Strong Relationships

Buying from wholesalers will not only help you to avail of so many benefits but you also build strong relationships with wholesalers. In this way, you can enjoy better service, favourable terms, and early access to new products and exclusive deals.


Buying from a wholesaler is beneficial as you can enjoy customisation service.

Vast Range of Products. Maximum wholesalers have a maximum variety of products to provide businesses.

Flexibility in Terms

If you’re a retailer you need to negotiate better terms including pricing, payment conditions, and delivery schedule and all this can be done by buying directly from wholesalers.

Sum Up

Buying directly from manufacturers has some pros and cons. In the same way, buying directly from wholesalers has some pros and cons. If we do a comparison then we’ll conclude that buying directly from wholesalers is more profitable because of many advantages than buying from manufacturers. On this base, I would recommend buying directly from Wholesalers.

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