A Guide to London Street Style: What’s Hot Right Now

London Street Style


London, a city renowned for its dynamic fashion scene, continues to be a hub of innovative street style. From the bustling streets of Shore ditch to the iconic avenues of Soho, fashion in London is a blend of eclectic, edgy, and effortlessly cool elements. As a clothing wholesaler, we are staying ahead of the trends is crucial. Here’s your guide to what’s hot right now in London Street style, ensuring your inventory aligns with the latest fashion cravings.

  • Breton Tops
  • Colourful Blazers
  • Black Turtlenecks
  • Pattern Dresses
  • Scarves
  • Stripe Print Button-Up Cotton Shirt
  • Bold Pattern

Breton Tops                     

If you’re anxious to have info about London Street style to wear in London. You can choose this style. Where you can find this product to let your customers look at London Street style. These are check and a bit retro to choose the tradition with stripes. Amazon, Sea salt Corn Wall, or Wholesale Shopping.

Breton Tops

Colourful Blazers

After Breton tops colour blazers are the second option to look big city sophisticated. These can be available in the trendiest colours blue or black. While choosing London Street styles you can ignore colourful blazers. Red colour with skinny leggings and brown glasses to give the wearer a smashing look. This combination is an ideal representation of London Street style.

Black Turtlenecks

Black turtlenecks are followed in London. These are liked everywhere as they can go with everything. These are put on with pointed shoes to show off the outlook to represent the dominating London Street style.

Pattern Dresses

I think pattern dresses are more effective that all the above-given options. Whether it is still warm enough in London customers can wear these outfits. When it is winter then long sleeve shirts and leggings are the ideal options.


When it comes to street style, we can’t ignore accessories, especially scarves. Women love to wear thin silk scarves or thicker knitted ones paired with different outfits.

Stripe Print Button-up Cotton Shirt

It would not be wrong to say that stripe print is the hot choice of women in London. Women follow this item in almost all trendy colours. The choice of the bottom is personal. This London Street style is followed from spring to summer. You can see many wearing this item throughout the year in this city.

Stripe Print Button-up Cotton Shirt

Oversized Outerwear

Londoners are embracing oversized outerwear like never before. Think puffer jackets, trench coats, and faux fur coats that make a bold statement. The trend is all about combining comfort with style, making oversized pieces perfect for layering during the unpredictable British weather.

Stock up on various colours and textures to cater to diverse tastes, from classic neutrals to vibrant, eye-catching hues.

Sustainable Fashion

Sustainability is not just a trend but a movement that’s here to stay. Londoners are increasingly conscious of their environmental footprint, opting for sustainable fabrics and ethical brands. Incorporate eco-friendly materials like organic cotton, recycled polyester, and Tencel into your collection.

Highlight brands that prioritise ethical production practices to attract the environmentally conscious consumer.

Bold Patterns and Prints

From plaid to animal prints, bold patterns are making waves on the streets of London. These eye-catching designs are perfect for adding a touch of personality to any outfit. Stock items featuring a variety of prints – think leopard print skirts, checker blazers, and floral dresses.

The key is to offer a mix of statement pieces and more subtle options to cater to different style preferences.

Retro Revival

The 90s and early 2000s fashion is back with a modern twist. Londoners are rocking retro-inspired pieces such as baggy jeans, crop tops, and bucket hats. Vintage-inspired sneakers and oversized sunglasses are also hot commodities. Ensure your inventory includes a range of nostalgic yet contemporary items that appeal to the nostalgia of the older generation while attracting younger fashionistas.


Athleisure continues to dominate the London Breton top street style scene. Combining comfort with style, athleisure pieces like joggers, hoodies, and sleek sneakers are a must-have. Look for high-quality, versatile pieces that can transition from gym to street effortlessly. Bold logos and clean, minimalist designs are particularly popular.

Monochrome Magic

Monochrome outfits are a timeless trend that Londoners can’t get enough of. All-black ensembles, in particular, are a staple on the streets. Offer a variety of monochrome pieces – from black skinny jeans and white tees to grey blazers and matching sets. The beauty of this trend lies in its simplicity and sophistication, making it accessible to a wide audience.

Gender-Neutral Fashion

London’s fashion scene is increasingly embracing gender-neutral styles. Clothing that blurs the lines between traditional gender norms is gaining popularity. Stock items that cater to all genders, such as oversized shirts, tailored trousers, and versatile jackets. Focus on clean lines, neutral colours, and functional designs that appeal to a broad spectrum of customers.

Gender-Neutral Fashion

Statement Accessories

Accessories are key to completing any street-style look. Londoners are all about making a statement with their accessories. Think chunky jewellery, oversized bags, and distinctive hats. Offer a variety of unique and bold accessories that allow customers to express their individuality and elevate their outfits.

Layering Essentials

Layering is an essential aspect of London Street style due to the city’s variable weather. Lightweight turtlenecks, cardigans, and vests are perfect for creating layered looks. Stock versatile pieces that can be easily mixed and matched, allowing your customers to build stylish, layered outfits.

Tailored Pieces

While casual and relaxed styles are prevalent, there’s still a significant demand for tailored pieces. Blazers, tailored trousers, and structured coats add a touch of elegance to street-wear. Look for modern, slim-fit designs and high-quality fabrics that offer both style and comfort.


London street style is a constantly evolving tapestry of trends, blending the old with the new, and the bold with the understated. As a clothing wholesaler, keeping your finger on the pulse of these trends ensures you can provide your customers with the latest must-have pieces.

By stocking a diverse range of styles – from oversized outerwear and sustainable fashion to bold prints and gender-neutral clothing – you can cater to the eclectic tastes of London’s fashion-forward crowd. Embrace these trends, and watch your inventory fly off the shelves as you become a go-to source for the hottest street style.

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