How to Start an Online Clothing Store in the UK

Online Clothing Store in the UK

Are you looking to start your online clothing store in the UK? Are you stocking and retailing wholesale clothing items at your retail store? If yes, then this post will be a firm support for your retail clothing business, as you will get six tips here to start your online clothing store in the UK. 

Starting an online clothing store is not straightforward, as it needs to follow a few steps to establish your online clothing business professionally. The budget factor is the main thing you should think about before going online. The cost of starting an online business is not so high, but you have to spend your budget on the right things.

However, with the help of the latest web-builders, tools, and applications, you can get maximum support to launch your online clothing store in the UK. You need to utilize your business sources and technology in a way so that you can get the best out of it by following some tips, as discussed below;

Niche Selection

Establish your online clothing store authority by selecting your niche so that you can focus on an intended clothing category for your business. Always select a niche you are passionate about so that you can sell unique clothing items like women’s apparel.

In addition, a niche can help you start working on a selective category of clothing items, such as plus-size active wear, sportswear, ethnic wear etc. After selecting a sub-category clothing item, you can start selling online under a specialized clothing niche as per your clothing business agenda.

Decide on the Right E-Commerce Platform  

Starting an online clothing store needs the right e-commerce platform. You have to decide on the right platform for conducting your e-commerce activities and business operations. In this regard, you have to choose a platform with various website features along with ease of use.

It is a critical step to choose the right platform, but always focus on choosing an easy-to-use and leading platform to constantly grow your clothing business online. There are some e-commerce platforms available for your online clothing store as mentioned below;

  • Wix
  • Shopify
  • Squarespace
  • Square Online
  • BigCommerce
  • GoDaddy

Store Designing

To make your online clothing store look appealing and crafty, you need to do store designing as you do for your physical store. The major purpose behind the store design is to grab the attention of all online users. Moreover, store designing is not only a way to present your online business appealingly, but to display your products fascinatingly.

The more you design your online store, the more it will look professional and catchy to your online stakeholders and users. However, keep the design of your online store simple and decent to avoid displaying complex and overwhelming detailing. Sometimes, the design of an online store force users to click away and visit another site instead of yours. So, make sure to do a unique store design and keep it as simple as user-friendly and catchy.

Product Sourcing

Another tip to start an online clothing store in the UK is to find source/s for your selected clothing niche and subcategory items. Product sourcing is the process of finding the right supplier for your business products. It takes a lot of time and in-depth market research and survey to choose a credible and intended supplier.

Product sourcing also determines either you will buy your unique products from a supplier or a manufacture. It also helps to buy from both wholesalers and individual manufacturers or suppliers according to your business needs and budget limitations. When looking for a suitable product source consider these factors as a priority;

  • Price difference
  • Market reputation
  • Shipping cost
  • Delivery time & options
  • Quality

Don’t Rely on One Payment Method

Running an online business without a suitable payment gateway can be troublesome. Even if you start your online clothing business in the UK, you must rely on more than one payment method. Adding a payment method helps your customer confirm that they can actually buy through this payment gateway. Also, online payment sometimes poses a serious threat and creates many payment issues likewise. It would be easier for you and your online customers to use more than one payment method to avoid any issue.

Do Enough Marketing Before the Launch

Without enough marketing, your online store is not going anywhere, as, without marketing, you can’t publicize your online business. So, do enough marketing online, also known as digital marketing, to make your online business easily accessible.

In this regard, do SEO (search engine optimization) of your online store, establish and promote your social media identity, and use all available online marketing channels. You can do marketing on your own or by hiring a marketing agency as per your business needs and marketing strategies.   


Starting an online clothing store in the UK is now easier than ever due to various online web-builders and tools to manage and grow your store. However, working through some helpful tips is a plus point for developing your online business smartly and not hard. Hence, using suitable business tips, as discussed above, can offer you the chance to establish and grow your online clothing store without any issue.


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