7 Easy Ways to Shop Footwear in Bulk at the Lowest Wholesale Prices

7 Easy Ways to Shop Footwear in Bulk

Do you know easy ways to shop footwear in bulk at the lowest wholesale price? Do you know how you can find a suitable footwear wholesaler for your retail footwear store? If not then, this post is for footwear retailers especially, as this post will talk about seven easy ways to shop footwear items in bulk at minimum wholesale prices.

Running a retail footwear store is challenging sometimes as there are many factors you need to consider to gain constant growth and success. However, you can start your retail footwear business by finding the right footwear wholesaler while buying the latest footwear items at the lowest wholesale prices.

Today, as a fashion retailer, you can face issues in finding the right wholesaler for your retail store. However, if you follow some ways, as this post will discuss below, you can get the intended fashion items at cheap prices. Therefore, follow the below-mentioned seven easy ways to find a reliable and a cheap footwear wholesaler.

Go To Trade Shows

Trade shows are outstanding places to find the right footwear wholesaler who can offer bulk footwear items at affordable prices. By going to trade shows, you can connect with wholesaler footwear manufacturers, individual suppliers, and distributors while negotiating your bulk footwear deal at cheap prices for your retail footwear store.

In addition, you can easily compare footwear items from different wholesalers or manufacturers while buying quality items from the intended wholesaler. The plus point of attending trade shows is that you can easily find the latest footwear items that are not available in the market. You can also know the fashion preferences and interests of customers by observing the demand for certain footwear items.

Consider Liquidation Sales

Running a fashion business is not as easy as it appears, as there are many things you need to work on to manage your business. In this regard, there are many wholesalers and retailers who either want to close their businesses or close inventory. Getting such an excellent opportunity could be beneficial for your retail footwear business, as you can get quality footwear items at cheap prices. 

Some wholesalers and retailers fail to sell their inventory stock at regular prices because of many factors, such as poor quality or outdated stock. In this respect, when buying from such wholesalers or retailers, you need to confirm the quality before making the final purchase order while avoiding future business uncertainties.

Shop Online

Shop Online  

Another easy way to find a suitable footwear wholesaler is by shopping online. There are many online marketplaces where you can easily find quality footwear items at cheap prices. Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba are major online marketplaces for fashion retailers today from where you can easily find excellent wholesale footwear sources.

Another positive thing is that you can easily find a wide selection of footwear items from online marketplaces in terms of brands, styles, sizes, quality, and prices. You can also compare different wholesalers according to your retail business needs. However, before making your final purchase order online, you need to get online reviews of other buyers to make sure that you are buying from a reputable and reliable wholesale footwear supplier.

Ask For Free Samples

Buying wholesale fashion items at the lowest wholesale prices is not beneficial always, as sometimes you get something you did not expect before. In other words, sometimes wholesalers or manufacturers display one thing and deliver the other. To avoid such an overwhelming situation, always ask for free samples to confirm that the intended wholesaler can offer the same product for your retail fashion store.

Another benefit of asking for free samples is that you can check the quality as well as demand for certain footwear items in retail marketplaces. So, as a footwear retailer, asking for free footwear samples is one of the ways to avoid business risks in the future, as many wholesalers or manufacturers are likely to get rid of their poor-quality cheap wholesale footwear stock that is sometimes outdated.

Buy Off-Season

Seasonal fashion items are always in demand and require high buying prices. However, in the off-season, the demand declines along with prices. So, buying off-season footwear items for your retail store is another easy way to get footwear items in bulk at the lowest wholesale prices.

Also, wholesalers and manufacturers are more likely to get rid of their off-season footwear items to clear and close their past-season inventory. They offer discounts and deals to sell their inventory stock. So, buying off-season footwear items from such wholesalers or manufacturers is an easy way to buy in bulk at the lowest prices.

Find Local Suppliers

Find Local Suppliers  

Another easy way to buy footwear in bulk is by finding local suppliers, as some local suppliers are providing footwear items to famous brands. Many brands avoid telling their footwear sources as they buy from local suppliers. So, as a footwear retailer, find local suppliers and negotiate with them to bulk footwear stock for your retail store.

Additionally, while buying from local suppliers, you can get the benefit of private labelling and become a unique footwear brand. By putting private labels on your footwear items, you can sell them as your different brand in the market and compete in the marketplaces.

Find a Wholesale Partner  

As a fashion retailer, if you have flexible financial resources to manage and run your retail footwear store, then you must find a wholesale partner. Many wholesalers can become your business partner and deliver your bulk footwear order at less price every season. You only have to pay them in advance so that they can manufacture your footwear stock within the given time for your store.


The fashion industry is not limited and changes from time to time, as the latest fashion trends emerge. Also, each season demands new fashion items and, therefore, it is not possible to sell off-season stock. However, as a fashion retailer, you need to follow some easy ways to get a suitable footwear wholesaler for your retail shop who can provide you with the latest footwear products at the lowest wholesale prices.

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