Here is Our Round Up of Top Women’s Plus Size Curve Trends for Spring Summer 2019

Here is Our Round Up of Top Women’s Plus Size Curve Trends for Spring Summer 2019

While the season has almost come to an end, it has left behind some major plus size trends which are likely going to be around the next year too. So, if you could not benefit from them this year, don’t worry and stock them up for the next year.

Unlike your regular sized customers who have plenty of options out there, plus size people struggle to find something that is right on trend for the season and would also look good on them. That’s because trendy ladies plus size clothing in UK is hard to come by since the industry often ends up ignoring this particular segment which frankly accounts for a large number of population.

We here at wholesale shopping, have always worked on promoting body positivity to make all the plus size dolls out there feel comfortable in their own skin. So, here is the list of our top plus size clothing picks for the Spring Summer 2019

The Floral Fever

From the streets of London to the fashion ramps in Europe, a floral print could be seen literally everywhere. There are very few trends which have gained this much popularity among the people. This eye-catching print took the industry by a storm resulting in floral tops, floral dresses and even floral print trousers.

The Floral Fever

Retailers have been reporting a major increase in demand for this print across the country making it one of the top-grossing online womens plus size curve clothing this year. It is as Vogue UK predicted at the beginning of the year that floral print would dominate the SS19 and we have definitely seen it come true this season.

You may choose from a vast range of our plus size floral print tops and dresses. Here’s a tip, your customers would simply love our plus size sleeveless floral midi dresses. A midi dress almost always works in the plus-size whether it’s casual wear or formal wear. Better make sure you have something from our sleeveless floral dresses range in your stock because there is nothing better than a multi or unicoloured sleeveless floral dress for the spring-summer season.

The reason that a midi plus size dress never disappoints is that unlike a short dress that could leave the most unwanted curves of the body exposed, a midi dress covers all the flaws while highlighting the most desirable curves of the body. Having a bigger a body structure should not matter how your customers choose to wear something and that’s why a sleeveless midi dress is great option for the spring and summer.

We all know that the transitional weathers can be a bit tricky to handle since its too hot during the day time to wear anything over the regular top or a dress but the evenings could get really cold and leaving your arms uncovered means exposing yourself to cold or other weather-related sicknesses. A midi sleeveless dress looks great with a lightweight cardigan which can make a real difference in the transitional weather and during the day time they can easily be packed and carried in your car or purse.

There is no doubt that the floral print has been a hot favourite for this season but in order to make the most of this trend you need to make sure that you have it in lightweight Summer fabrics. Since linen is the ultimate lightweight & breathable fabric, you would find a lot of options in this particular material here at wholesale shopping. And if you are looking for floral trousers then we also have plenty of them for you to choose from.

All in all, floral print has been really popular among the women but just like most other trends, there are not a lot of options for the plus-sized women in this print. Lucky for you that we have got them covered and you may stock up on plenty of plus size floral options for the next year.

Animal Print - A Blend of Class and Quirkiness

From snake print leggings to the leopard print tops and dresses, people simply cannot seem to get enough of animal print. So if you are thinking of stocking up on plus size animal print clothing then you would be wise to do so because the famous leopard print among other animal prints has made a huge comeback.

Leopard print goes back decades and has probably be worn by our parents as well as the grandparents at some point. Anything with leopard print on it is an easy sell as it has been around for this long and your customers would probably pass them on to their generations to come. Something as trendy as this is not something you should miss out on. Tap into our exclusive womens plus size curve animal print collection that includes tops, leggings and lagenlook dresses.

Animal Print

While you are at it, don’t forget to check out our trendy zebra & feather print clothing that has been under the spotlight all season. Sure, leopard print is hard to replace but that does not mean that there is no space for two equally good prints in your stock. These two prints are stock must-haves for a number of reasons.

Womens Animal Print Dress

The fact that zebra print itself is a combination of black & white makes it perfect to be paired with a range of other colours and more importantly, it’s a much-needed break from the all-black clothing. You may want to consider including our exclusive plus size zebra print trousers and feather tunic tops in your restock list.

In case you are uncertain about adding tunics & leggings to your plus size stock then it is a safe bet since they are an ultimate clothing choice for any going.

Nothing Fishy About the Fish Print

Give your stock a splash of some ocean life with the eye-catching fish print that is sure to be a hit with your customers. At wholesale shopping, we have re-introduced the fish print in our plus size multilayered lagenlook dresses and lightweight spring-summer tops and the retailers could not be happier about it. Available in rainbow colours, fish print gives out some serious quirky vibes.

This top can be styled with some light jewellery for a chic summer look and that’s exactly what makes it special. It is a combination of simplicity and quirkiness. Made from cotton these summer pieces are going to sell out real quick.

The Only Dots That Matter

You would have to be living under a rock to not recognize the fact that polka dots print has been making rounds on the fashion runways throughout the year. While floral and animal prints have really worked well on summer dresses, polka print has also done well in dresses tops and even the jumpers. Polka dots have been in and out of fashion over the decades but this season it has been one of the biggest fashion obsessions. From petite to the plus size, almost every woman has rocked the polka print look and we have its versatility to thank for it. We have featured several variations of polka dots throughout the season which you should definitely check out (although most of them have long gone out of stock) we still do have some of them left in our stock which you can order for the next season because their momentum is going to pick up the next season exactly where it left off.

What makes our polka print different is the fact that like all our other prints we have not overlooked the plus size in this one too.

No matter if it’s a 9 to 5 office worker or a college student, this print is a great choice for everyone since it is not too overwhelming and does not need any fancy embellishments to be complimented. Neither is it too simplistic like one of those plain blouses. This really increases your chances of selling anything with polka print on it since it is recognized by every woman even those who have never followed any fashion trend ever.

Our personal favourites for this season has been Summer Polka Dot Smock Dress due to the fact that it is trendy as well as highly functional for everyday style.

Our polka dot smock dress has two large pockets which always prove out to be helpful in everyday routine especially for women who hate to keep their hands occupied with phone wallet or keys. Seeing something that is both on-trend and functional hanging on your rails, your customers would go for it in a heartbeat.

And if that’s not enough, this spotlight ready piece is available in rainbow colours so there is something for all your customers. If they are not a huge fan of bold and bright colours, they may always go for the lighter shades and still be a part of the polka dot trend.

Jumpsuits to Jump For

If you think that jumpsuits are only good as workwear or something that only a mom would wear then the famous designer Victoria Beckham and the high street models would like to disagree with you as they approve of it as a fashion staple. Besides, our take on the jumpsuits is slightly different and unique than those traditional ones which you may have come across in the 70s. Sure, it was a famous apparel and could be seen a lot at the discos during the 70s but time has changed and so has the fashion. This 70s sensation has resurfaced but not in its original vintage style but with a twist, well at least here at wholesale shopping it has.

Our bow strappy baggy linen, plain and stripe jumpsuits are a sight to behold.

Fish Print

They strike the perfect balance between the modern party dresses and the vintage jumpsuit style. With their baggy style for extra comfort and gorgeous style, these jumpsuits are absolute stock must haves. Made from linen material, these summer delights have really kept the retailers on their toes this season. They are not exactly printed with gorgeous and eye-catching patterns but their style itself is an ultimate manifestation of class and comfort.

There are very few styles that have survived over the decades and jumpsuits are undoubtedly one of those styles. It's because of the versatility and comfort the jumpsuits have to offer that people are still reluctant to abandon them. They may be back yet again but of course, it would require something a lot more than just functionality in order for them to stay in fashion. So instead of shoving a vintage style down people’s throat, we have come up with a stylish solution that is a combination of multiple elements from the latest fashion trends.

Button Detail Plain Jumpsuit

We have given our button detail plain jumpsuit a modern touch but have maintained its core vintage style i.e. boxed neck and buttoned straps. These lightweight summer pieces can be worn over a t-shirt or a blouse and your customers would get some serious studio 54 vibes from them. One can style them with heels for a flawless hangout or a shopping look. Their bell-bottom ensures that the heels don’t get buried or get overlooked which is another reason these classics have been high in demand this season.

All in all, our Summer stock has been full of surprises and variations. On one hand, we have kept up with the modern and latest trends by introducing the most in-demand prints and designs while on the other we have resurrected some vintage styles and have given them our own twist that worked out better than our expectations.

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