Kim Kardashian Succeeding Balenciaga While Taking Control of Her Image and the North West Criticism

Kim Kardashian

You can’t approach your career peak without being criticized by others, as it works practically for all of us regardless of our personalities. It all depends on the way you take that criticism. Kim Kardashian is one of the well-known personalities today, mainly in the fashion industry. From the very start of her career, she gained so much in her life all because of her passion to work hard. However, with the time, things change and so the person changes accordingly.

Today, in her 40s, she started controlling her image, while overcoming the North West criticism. Kardashian has the ability to collapse Paris fashion week just through taking a front seat in Balenciaga while preparing for her current legal exams on the plane.

Within the ‘Vogue’s Force of Fashion conference, Kardashian talked about her affection for different things, whereas sharing her experience as a pregnant woman. She tried to reveal the harsh reality of the world who observed her weight gain but then she started realizing the true reality of life which is to move on without noticing what others are doing in favour of you or against you have to move on to gain success. “You have to face criticism at all levels by any person you like or dislike. It is always difficult to take the high roads you have to figure it out by yourself,” Kardashian says.

Now, Kardashian is more opts to take control of her image, both in public and private. Especially, when it comes to wearing various brand fashion attires for promotional activities. Kardashian is also determined to work as hard as she can whereas promoting Wholesale Fashion brands along with other individual women’s clothing brands as well. This is just because of her inner calm. She has developed new confidence as a stylist, mainly, while growing her business perception to work effectively on her projects as her main choice, as a star.

Kim Kardashian - a north west criticism

And yet, moving from her personal relationships and denying asking for samples to display herself like an iconic stylist, she appears today in her custom appearance with the support of iconic designers. No one ever denied seeing Kim as a model or a fashion activist as her fans always claimed to see Kardashian as a fashion legend and that is why Kim also considers her fashion professional on a serious note as she claims “I did not take my fashion dominance for granted and fashion legend looks good at work.” 

In the entertainment and fashion industry, Kim has a certain position and a positive public image and, therefore, she is influential to all of us. Kim is also trying to overcome her North West critic as she says “North is very opinionated when it comes to what I’m wearing.” However, in its place of a long journey of her life with multiple ups and downs and overwhelming criticism, Kardashian always looked ahead and never tried to see what was left behind her, but what is waiting ahead.

Kardashian is now evolving over her inner calm, as a true companion, with the help of which she is now trying to suppress the negative and overwhelming things of her life, especially as a fashion ideal. Whether you accept it or not you have to work silently to make others feel proud of you and never look back at the bad things of your life and not stop anywhere in any walk of your life. This is the lesson we learn from Kardashian’s life experiences as a model, lawyer, legal activist, and a mother as well.   

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