Jahleel Weaver Revealing about Inadequate Rihanna’s Maternity Looks

Rihanna Maternity Looks

In the initial maternal period, stars like Rihanna were not ready for the world to know about their changing body shapes. Weaver, Rihanna’s stylist, claimed that Rihanna appeared in her badgal look publicly and that is not appropriate, he says. Weaver’s further emotions? He was extremely thrilled. “I was extremely happy for her, knowing how important family is to her and that she always wanted to have a family,” Weaver claimed in a phone interview with Vogue before a week.

Rihanna, no doubt, can be regarded as one of the advocates to bring a fashion revolution and wearing her maternity collection was radically a way to express her feelings as a pregnant woman. Rihanna is also a Wholesale Fashion advocate for the past few years and many wholesale brands have Rihanna as their model. Weaver, especially, was shocked to see Rihanna in her new maternity look as he claimed “I didn’t think it was so unseen to see a woman with her belly out.” 

However, Weaver later turned bolder with the style of Rihanna, following the rise of frightening feedback. Weaver further shared Rihanna’s style looks in her pregnancy and told different stories behind them. Still, no one can deny the fact that after her pregnancy, Rihanna’s red-carpet appearance has established a new fashion tone for many women.

Weaver remained mostly optimistic about Rihanna’s look because he remembered Rihanna stealing many runways of various fashion shows in her career. He also claimed that Rihanna always wanted to get rid of the traditional maternity look and therefore at the last instant she decided to make a change in her maternity appearance by wearing something badgal which she did perfectly and shocked the fashion world.

For many, Rihanna's unique public appearance during her maternity is one of the courageous things to do openly and for some, it was completely vulgar to see a woman with her pregnant belly out of her body attires.

Whatever Rihanna did, after all, it was completely her decision as a pregnant woman and it is her right to wear whatever she liked during her maternity period, as Rihanna appeared completely happy in her maternity outfits in the past few weeks.

The Extremely sexy look of Rihanna in her maternity has also appealed to many women to do the same. Of course, only stars can do this publicly and anyone else can do it for her social sphere and its’ not going to be public like Rihanna.

Rihanna did not just wear unique maternity outfits but jewellery as well, as appeared in her maternity looks. Wearing the alluring jewellery is also a sign of praising fashion accessories and this also triggers many fashion advocates to lift up the necessity of wearing jewellery, especially if a woman is pregnant and if she is a star-like Rihanna.

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