Celebrity Clashes: Why Kim Kardashian’s Requested Instant Divorce Closure with Kanye West?

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Next to the blame from the public against Kardashian’s boyfriend Pete Davidson, a comedian, Kardashian started defending Davidson contrary to her alienated spouse Kayne West. We all know Kardashian and West’s long marriage relationship and that they have produced four kids as well. So, which thing has forced Kardashian to ask for divorce termination asap? 

According to an NBC report, Kardashian never wanted to publicize her talks with West on her social media account, Instagram. Although, West, unfortunately, broadcasted their private communication. As a result, Kardashian started feeling ‘emotional distress’ just because of the public actions of West. Also, the founder of Skims leaked some messages towards the West, which he also posted on the social media platform to make them public.

The last statement from Kardashian says “I very much desire to be divorced. I have asked Kanye to keep our divorce private, but he has not done so.” In addition, Kardashian also talked about her mental health, while claiming emotional distress. In fact, West socially publicized loads of half-truths about our marital life as a co-parent, Kardashian claimed. 


The conflict between Kardashian and West is not new and took months to reach a forced divorce end. Like all other married couples, as Kardashian claimed, I always wanted to repair our relationship. However, following the overwhelming stress, we both have approached the realization we cannot restore our marriage. The result of the long-established spouse clash is emotional stress which has dominated both partners, extreme for Kardashian, as she reported in her court appeal.

Within the court appeal notice, she also stated that as a co-parent of four kids, I believed that the request of instant divorce closure is the way to make Kanye realize that we should move forward now as we have nothing left in our relationship and now, we should only care about our roles as a co-parent, in a peaceful manner.

Through the claims of Kardashian, it would not be wrong to say that both stars are deeply indulged in the issue of divorce like other common people. However, the only thing that has paved the way for people to criticize Kanye is sharing personal discussions and messages on social media. While, on the other hand, Kardashian’s issue of emotional distress has motivated people to defend Kim.

Becoming a single person as a celebrity is not a new thing, but appeared as a celebrity trend. Many reality stars have allegedly demanded divorce to appear single person, legally. However, in the case of Kim and Kanye, the lawyer of Kanye requested to reject Kim’s request of becoming a legally single person. As a result, the court is pending the hearing so that both parties can have time to make sure about their marital infringement to reach one conclusion, acceptable for both parties. 

Another reason which Kardashian wished to leave her alienated spouse is the constant exposure of her family photos on Kanye’s Instagram account, including the photos of four kids and those picked by SKIMS as well. Another thing that Kanye did on his Instagram account, as appeared publicly, is the statement of emotional persecution that says “God please bring our family back together.” 

The way Kanye had publicized the reality of his breaking relationship overwhelmed and punched the emotional thoughts of not only Kim but many others who are likely to become legally single. Therefore, Kim has gained public sentiments that further added foil to the fire, leading towards Kim’s urgent request for divorce termination. 

As a model, Kim has earned a great repute, whether it is about being a Wholesale Clothing model or a retail one. In fact, as a rapper, Kanye also gained respect among the public and that is the thing that also added fuel to the fire, linking the marriage relationship of Kim and Kanye. Socially well-known people have to face extreme public criticism either way and the same is happening with both Kim and Kanye. As a consequence, Kardashian started feeling emotional distress, as a serious issue both as a public figure and as a co-parent.

The report from Daily Mail also observed West’s publicity stunt. The report talked about West’s ill use of social media to display several texts and photos of his alienated wife. As a result, many followers of both Kardashian and West have requested West to stop sharing his marital issue with Kim and stop mentioning Pete Davidson, his present supposed boyfriend. By doing so, West is creating danger for Davidson, the comedian star. 

Kim clearly stated that if anything wrong happened with Pete, it will be Kanye’s responsibility just because he is making the overall atmosphere scary for all of us. She also claimed that the constant use of social media to leak personal conversations and images is not the way of displaying affection but to disclose someone’s feelings publicly, and that’s the thing putting me under emotional distress. Recently, many posts have been uploaded by West via his Instagram account, leading towards Kardashian’s request for the quick court decision to divorce termination.

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