Celebrities Reacted at Oscar 2022 Incident: Will Smith Slapped Chris Rock

Will Smith Slapped Chris Rock

No wonder, many ugliest moments occur in celebrity-oriented ceremonies. It is now a common practice among celebrities to shock each other either through misconduct or through some kind of nasty joke. However, whatever the reason, celebrities should act ethically in public with each other what say? 

No doubt, jokes are part of casual meetings, especially if you are interacting with a larger audience. However, personal jokes may lead to anger and that is what happened at the Oscar Awards 2022. Chris Rock, one of the well-known comedians made a joke about the hair loss of the wife of Will Smith while presenting an award. Meanwhile, Smith reacted to the joke and went back to the stage earlier to return to his seat and slapped Rock whereas saying “Keep my wife’s name out of your f***ing mouth.”

Well, I don’t think so Rock was right in making a joke about the hair loss of Jada Pinkett Smith. Making normal jokes is alright, but making jokes out of courtesy, especially about a person who lost something special which never going to be reversed. But it was Smith who afterwards accepted his mistake in a tearful manner while saying “Love will make you do crazy things.” 

Still, for many other celebrities, who witnessed the incident mainly, Smith’s reaction was “purely out of control rage and violence.” Especially, through different tweets of celebrities, it becomes apparent that his reaction was completely unforgettable just because of the sudden violent temper Smith practised on the stage. 

Judd Apatow, one of the reputed directors also twitted “He could have killed him. They have heard a million jokes about them in the last three decades. They are not a freshman in the world of Hollywood and comedy. He lost his mind.”

No one is believing in Smith’s reaction on the stage, in front of many shining stars of Hollywood. The night at Oscar 2022 posed a different celebrity image where anyone can think about being in limit while joking. The night created a second-hand embarrassment for all who were actively seeing the incident. 

Historically, it was a rare moment for a black man to receive Oscar in the last 100 years and Smith was the first who received the Oscar as the first after 16 years. In my point of view, practising violence in its place of using the power of words of mouth, Smith did show a negative reaction publicly. 

Celebrities like Will Smith are not just for entertaining the audience, but they are role models for many in different spheres of life. Celebrities are trendsetters, especially in the fashion industry and the wholesale clothing industry as well. Celebrities are the true source of inspiration for many who can’t approach the highest success level in their lives but try to do so. 

What about youngsters? Especially black ones, as we can see many other black celebrities around us, and what they have learned from this incident violence or regret? It is all about your character and the way you hold patience. 

Smith just got many witnesses in real life. But no one is talking about the feelings of a man who loves a suffering woman and wishes to see her healthy again. A man with true emotions and real love feelings for a woman will do the same as Will Smith did that night. Jokes are meant to please others not to let them go back in the past suffering or something like a trigger to suffer the bad moments of life. 

Whether you accept it or not, both celebrities were wrong and they both have set a new tradition in the area of award ceremonies. Nobody ever expected such an incident, especially on one of the prestigious nights like the Oscar 2022 night. So, what is wrong is just about a matter of sense and no one can sense Whether Smith did something wrong or Rock is still a question for many celebrities and the larger audience as well.

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