PONCHO's Galore! What's your style?

PONCHO's Galore! What's your style?

One of the biggest trend to hit Autumn/Winter 2016 is the 'Poncho'. A versatile piece that allows maximum comfort yet maximum style. Here at Whole Sale Fashion we have your poncho desires covered, with a range of versatile poncho pieces waiting to jazz up your wardrobe. 

From the likes of tassel ponchos, diamante and pom pom ponchos to minimal sleek ponchos, whatever your style, you are sure to find the ideal piece for you in our extensive collection. 

Here are some of our favourite poncho pieces from this season. Style them up on down, they're the perfect piece for this season!

 Tassel Poncho

The ultimate combination of comfort and functionality. This poncho will keep you super warm, whilst maintaining a chic look! Pair this with simple jeans and your favourite boots for an effortless daytime glam!

Perfect blanket style poncho to beat the cold! This soft knit poncho is lusciously warm and soft on the skin. Wear this on a cosy night in or a chilling day out to keep yourself nice and warm wherever you are.  

The perfect poncho for a dinner date, or evening out. This diamante poncho has just enough pizzazz without being overbearing. Pair with jeans and black boots and an elegant clutch to complete the perfect glam outfit.

Ideal for a shopping weekend, this subtle poncho is perfect if you want to be comfortable, warm but don't want to compromise your style. You can look effortlessly chic with this gorgeous soft knit tassel poncho, ideal for the daytime.


'We loved this poncho so much, we had to repeat it in black!'. This number is perfect for a girl's night out. Pair it with figure hugging jeans, and some killer bright heels to add a pop of colour for a glamorous outfit that will be sure to turn heads. 

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