Affiliate Marketing Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

You cannot join the affiliate program without following the below-mentioned conditions:

  •      Your profile photo is mandatory, otherwise, your application would be rejected.
  •      You must have an attractive website or a blog page to join the affiliate program.
  •      The legal ownership of products will stand with the company and you will work as an agent.
  •      7% commission will be given on each product to influencers, bloggers and sellers.
  •      You will get 20% commission on your first sale.

    Payment methods

    The following two services can be utilized to receive your payments:

    •      PayPal
    •      Bank Transfer

    Withdrawal conditions

    • You are required to have a minimum amount of £100 in your account for the withdrawal.
    • You are required to send an email at that will be directed to our concerned department for the withdrawal.
    • You will receive your payment within 2-3 working days of your request by the prescribed method.
    • An affiliate will receive his/her earned commission in his/her account as the sale takes place. It will be kept visible for affiliates so they can monitor all the sales and referrals.
    • The earnings can be withdrawn after 15 days of the sale.

    Note: 10% of the earnings of an affiliate will be withheld by the company as a security. Affiliates will receive their security if they decide to drop the affiliate program.

    Cancellation & refunds policy

    • If any referral order gets canceled, then the commission for the deal will be deducted from your account by default. This will be shown on your dashboard.
    • If a customer returns a product after/before 14 days of the sale and requests a refund, the rewarded commission for the sale will be deducted from the affiliate’s account.
    • If an exchange is placed within/after 15 days of the sale, it will not affect the earnings of an affiliate at all. For the exchange purpose, the buyer has to pay the shipping, taxes and VAT. Company or affiliates are not responsible for it.