Celebrities Like Dua Lipa and J.Lo Setting A New Trend of Wearing String Bikinis: A Dodgy Swimwear

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Celebrities are trendsetters whether you talk about Wholesale Clothing industry or about one clothing brand. In simple words, it would be fine to say that celebrities play a vital role in the ups and downs of the fashion industry. Without a fashion model, you cannot even imagine a particular style to become a trend. However, whenever a celebrity wears a certain style of attire it becomes the trend for many fashion lovers and other celebrity followers.

According to the latest report, a new trend of risky swimwear is settled by J.Lo and Dua Lipa, wearing a string bikini to have sunshine bask. The new trend is spreading just because of the mindset according to which celebrities wear different styles.

The recent case of both celebrities also linked with a mindset that claims that you should get rid of your long and fully covered attires like a legging or a knitwear every so often. The idea is to wear something skimpier and no such attire is as skimpier as a bikini. What do you think?

It is true that celebrities also cast clothes like bikinis, while leaving their comfortable and comfy clothing items to set new trends. Today, wearing bikinis is a new swimwear trend especially when you visit beaches to spend your holidays. Also, if you watch some well-known music videos of 90s, you can easily observe the domination of bikinis on every beach.

No doubt, clothing insecurity matters a lot, especially for ladies, as they have to protect themselves from the bad guys and eyes of society. Celebrities, in this regard, when trying to wear something like a bikini, not only females but also males start wearing simply an underclothing item when visiting a beach-like place. This is all just due to the fact that almost all people follow the latest fashion, especially those displayed by celebrities publicly.

Setting a fashion trend is not as easy as it appears. Whenever celebrities wear a unique style attire they know about the attire in terms of its fabric, colour, purpose, usefulness etc. The mindset behind wearing the triangle string bikini style, as displayed by both celebrities, was already informed to both. The simple thought behind wearing a bikini was to realize people about the way to feel extremely relaxed with such lightweight attire.

Is there any other attire that is lightweight and offers a relaxed clothing experience? I think it is all about the trend as you follow the trend and the trend does not follow you. If there is a trend of wearing trousers or loungewear then obviously you will wear such clothing items. The same is the case with the string bikini, as it is in trend today, you will wear bikinis.

With the use of social media and other online platforms for social communication, you can now show people what type of clothing you prefer to wear for different occasions and in different seasons. Similarly, when a celebrity uses social media to do the same thing it becomes a trend among many. Even sometimes fashion brands set their clothing trends after seeing celebrities wearing branded clothes either on some special occasion or with mood.

Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Winnie Harlow, Dua Lipa, Shay Mitchell, Kim Kardashian, Hailey Bieber, and Jourdan Dunn are the main celebrities who are setting new fashion trends for multiple clothing brands, both locally and internationally. So, if we talk about their social media accounts such as IG feed or Instagram reel, you can easily observe these celebrities, wearing bikinis of a different sort, especially on beaches.

Whether you accept it or not, you always follow the trend that well-known people display in either way or you observe in the market or at any online platform available. Also, if you observe you will find that brands cast celebrities not only to promote their branded clothing items but also to set a new fashion trend.

Wearing a bikini style is now the trend, especially before the start of the coming season that is summer. You can enjoy wearing bikinis in summer, especially when you go out on a beach. Obviously, you cannot wear loungewear or trouser when basking in the sunshine on the beach. The only bikini can serve the intended purpose on the beach.

As a fashion lover, you should keep yourself updated whenever a new trend starts. Wearing stylish attire is not only to protect your body but to build a unique personality among others. Celebrities who wear unique style clothing are more likely to hold their unique personality among others as you can easily observe among all celebrities. So, do not ignore any clothing item, not now and then, because fashion can be transformed any time and through any place and because of any celebrity who is likely to set a new trend in the fashion industry.

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