Wholesale Shopping UK is a customer-oriented online fashion brand that always focuses on the convenience of its customers. We intend to offer quality services and products at your store steps. To relive our stated dream, we have brought to you one of the top online wholesale shopping apps this season. This latest and well-designed app is available in IOS and Android versions to cover you all. Now you can manage your wholesale purchase from your palm.


User-friendly & Attractive Design

In this new version of our wholesale brand clothing app, we have arranged a simple yet attractive design for you. We have kept is simple for you with the idea of making it more convenient for you. We always try our level best to make it easier for you. We have not put a host of tabs in it, in fact, we have kept it brief and simple. This two colour design seems quite attractive and offers you some fine visuals. It also makes it easier for you to locate the different tabs. You don’t find any mess there that can cause confusion for you. You will easily manage to understand it at the very first sight. It will make it your purchase a treat for you.


The selection of few but effective tabs has made a more functional and easy solution for you. There are only three main tabs visible on the top. On the very left you will find the menu tab. It will provide you access to all the categories our cheap online clothing and fashion products that we deal in from clothing to footwear and accessories. There is a tab with the name of My Account through which you can register yourself as our customer to manage your purchase. In addition to menu tab, there are two other tabs on the top right corner that offer you easy access to your shopping cart and sign up.


To make it more convenient we have introduced an icon bar of our featured categories that will appear at the bottom of your screen. From here you can easily access them. The icons have been designed on the familiar and established symbols that are easy to understand for a layman as well. This certainly will provide you quick access to our product gallery where you can explore the whole stock. Being a part of a pool of quality and leading clothing suppliers uk we have never left you behind. Our every gesture is aimed to assist you in a more convenient way.


This state-of-the-art app also provides you with a tab with the name of My Order in the main menu. This feature of our app enables you to monitor your orders and their status. It makes you enable to track your orders from the convenience of your IOS and Android devices. This certainly will make you save from the hazard of contacting our customer care department. You simply can check the status of your order just tapping your screen. So, it’s high time to capture us in your smartphone to avail one of the leading bulk wholesale clothing suppliers, the Wholesale Shopping UK at ease. Do download our wholesale clothing app IOS version or scan our QR code now!


We have equipped our app with a quality high-resolution catalogue. It offers you a very fine and clear view of all the wholesale fashion products with apt descriptions. It certainly will provide you with a better chance to judge the products for their quality of stuff and fine finish. You will be in a better position to identify the colours as well. This crystal clear display will assist you at its best. To experience it download the android version of our wholesale fashion app or scan our QR code:


It’s free and easy to install. You simply need to go to app store to download it. It is a highly responsive app that will work well with all devices. We recommend you to get register with us to get all the latest information about the changing trends. But you also can utilize the app as a guest. We are offering a 20% off on all fashion clothes wholesale products for installing the app. You can use the code “APP20” to avail the offer. Go digital!

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