New Website, New Trends & New Products

New Website, New Trends & New Products

It’s launch time! Be prepared for our brand new website that contains all your so-much-loved clothes and many more. With a more stylish appearance to accommodates your needs, our new website is easy to navigate and fashionable. Let’s make the website’s inauguration official with some online shopping tips:


  1. Always check if the size is right for you! We are commissioned to offer you plenty of relevant data, so you can have all the information before buying something. Apart from the obvious size mention, we are offering the exact measurements of the clothes. Carefully measured by our fashion experts, all the items are clearly listed along with relevant size measurements. 


  1. Check out our selection of colours! Usually, our items come in a great variety of colours, so you can choose what you like most. Make sure you go through every section, as our wide spectrum of options might surprise you.


  1. Carefully read the item’s description as it contains useful information about the product. In the description you will usually find a precise description of the item followed by some fashion tips. So, after you buy something you might want to get inspired by our suggestions and maybe send us some pictures with your outfit? We would love to see your sense of style!


  1. Our website contains a selection of filters for you to find more easily the desired product. Therefore, if you want to be the first one who gets an item you better check the ‘New In/New Arrivals’ category. If you are keen on wearing the hottest clothes of the season, then look in ‘Best Seller’.


  1. Looking for cheap and chic products? Then you are in the right place! Don’t forget to check the ‘Sales’ and ‘Clearance’ sections for the last chance to buy fantastic and reduced clothes.


  1. The new website also features a ‘Blog’ category. For our fashion experts this is the freedom land and they are sure you will love it, as much as they do. Get your inspiration from our regularly posts and do not hesitate to share your opinion with us. Do you have ideas for new posts? Would you like to hear about a certain topic or trend? Let us know and we will do the best to accommodate your requests.


  1. If you have any question regarding shipping, refunds or anything else, visit FAQ section, at the bottom of the page. If you need further clarification, our customer team is more than happy to help you.


  1. Wholesale Shopping has a great range of social media platforms you can connect with. From Twitter to Facebook and Instagram, stay connected for the hottest fashion tips.

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