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Ways to Promote your Fashion Business

Ways to Promote your Fashion Business

So now that you have done all the groundwork on the products side of things, the next big question is how do you get people to come and shop? With high streets struggling with in-store footfall and the digital space being overpopulated with new and affordable online shopping websites every day your business may feel the dreaded retail drought.

Today we are going to be discussing ways in which you can lure in new and existing customers by implementing creative marketing tactics and we will also touch on why fashion marketing is vital to your boutique. After all, let’s face it, fashion marketing is your voice and if you do not have a voice how do you expect to be heard?

Below are a few key ways to experiment with fresh ideas and kick start your journey to a successful fashion business.

Get social savvy!

With everything...and we mean everything, becoming a lot more digitally focused by the day especially in the retail and fashion industry having a social media presence is your first step. If you do not already have at least one active platform we suggest you stop reading this post and go sign up to a platform that best suits your business right now! Then come back to find out more.

Social Media allows businesses to help get the word out and also provides a platform permitting you to have an open dialogue and build a relationship with your customers and target audience. This two-way communication gives businesses the opportunity to get their audience involved and through creating this community you can now collect feedback and generate additional customer data such as interests and ideas. With its extensive reach and multiple functions, an active and consistent well thought out social media platform can cost-effectively help raise awareness and gain new customers. One of the greatest phenomenon birthed by social media is the hashtag feature which facilitates a search for your post making you more visible to a customer seeking what you offer.

You can quite literally hashtag anything from women’s fashion wholesale UK to wholesale ladies clothing suppliers making your business discoverable to any and everyone.

The power of influence

Social Media stars better known as ‘influencers’ are the current hot topic in the fashion world.

Influencers are increasingly having a huge impact on buying behaviours and popularity of brands.

Through collaborating with influencers, businesses are able to generate new unbiased content and reach a new targeted audience. Implementing influencer marketing correctly can help grow your fashion business, however, like any other marketing avenue influencer marketing is an investment and it is important to carry out the necessary due diligence before deciding who and how to collaborate with a fashion blogger.

As consumer shopping habits change with the digital age, shoppers have become much more inclined to trust recommendations from a third party as opposed to the bombardment of fully-fledged ads. Influencer marketing focuses on the word-of-mouth technique, and together with a built-up network of loyal and engaged followers influencers are able to subtly persuade and increase the interests levels of their fans. This type of third party endorsement gives influencers the power to help businesses drive traffic and convert sales.

Hostess with the mostest

Declining store footfall has become an ongoing issue for many businesses and with the market being incredibly saturated, retailers need to go over and above to ensure customers want to keep visiting the store. The trick to maximise store traffic is to provide your customers with a unique in-store shopping experience that they won’t get anywhere else. Customers like to feel special and surprising customers with delight moments is a great way to give back to your regulars and also attract by-passers increasing your chance of boosting sales.

Hosting an event is a powerful promotional tool for wholesale women’s fashion stores looking to increase exposure and is also a great way to educate your customers on your business. Instore events give businesses a platform to communicate with customers and educate them on what the USP (unique selling point) is i.e. if your business specialises in made in Italy clothing wholesale now is your chance to shout about it!

We have pulled together a few ways you can entertain your customers with moments of joy ensuring they come back for more! Remember its all about creating bang for your buck so do not be scared to spend a little.

-  Get noticed and create in-store ambience by hiring a DJ to play the best selection of music.

-  Give your customers a surprisingly delightful experience by offering them welcome drinks and a mouth-watering selection of canapés.

-  Raise the energy levels with complimentary bespoke photo booths – this is a fantastic way to include a hashtag and drive content back to social media channels.

-  The beloved GWP (gift with purchase). People love the idea of getting something for free and acts as a great encouragement to make a purchase.

-  Promotional balloons- who said you need an occasion to celebrate? This will increase curiosity and in turn drive in-store traffic.

We hope that with these examples and ideas you are able to market your fashion brand and continue thriving, taking the fashion world by storm. Creating a brand personality both online and instore will assist you in distinguishing your brand from the pack.

It is now time to get creative, think outside the box and last but most certainly not least have fun with it!

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