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The Holiday Restock

The Holiday Restock

With summer being well and truly upon us, it’s now surely the time to embrace the warming lifestyle vibes of those blessed with ever-beautiful weather and live vicariously through quaint communities on the blissful Mediterranean. Light, airy fabrics in rich colours is such an accessible foray into a simplistic, Mediterranean fashion, made even simpler by Wholesale Shopping’s vast collection of pieces including long summer skirts, ideal for a wide-ranging customer base. To help your customers channel their inner French chic, whirling them off to rich, lush greens and archaic countryside overlooking the sheltered ocean, why not offer them our Linen Striped Midi Skirt? Featuring a stylish cut this stripy midi skirt has the perfect length for dainty, tottering heels, platforms, flats or even boots, for a touch of exploring the Mediterranean coast. With an elasticated waist for the greatest comfort, such a piece is suited to the spectrum of body types, shapes, and sizes, from petite to plus-size clothing covered effortlessly and with style.

Embracing a warmer, more relaxed holiday vibe may seem a little far-fetched when such a temperate climate provides no promises of back to back warming weather, but that doesn’t mean your customers can’t enjoy the fashion-focused style of those on the French, Italian, or even Sicilian coasts. The colour palette is the most versatile way of adopting such a summery vibe this season, with fashion figureheads including Australian designer Bianca Spender, recently debuting pieces in a rich and visceral range of colours, including terracotta hues to emulate a wholly Mediterranean inspired collection. A pair of designer jeans for women, a staple in any consumer’s wardrobe, no matter their level of fashion intel, would work perfectly with our Wholesale 3D Floral Scarf Top. With such a piece available in a stunning range of over 20 different shades and colours, there is undoubtedly a look for everyone available from Wholesale Shopping’s extensive collection. Yet to emulate and echo the relaxed, earthy vibes reminiscent of the Mediterranean essence of fashion and lifestyle, opt today for the relaxed, comfortable piece in hues of a rich Royal Blue, terracotta Rust, or perhaps a honed Mustard Yellow colour to stay on top of current trends.

For those looking to create a truly formal and sophisticated vibe, for evenings out, celebration dinners, or graduation drinks perhaps, then the Mediterranean-inspired look is most certainly a hit among the fashion-focused celebrity crowd this Spring Summer 2018 season. Look no further than the red carpet of the Council of Fashion Designers of America holding the 2018 CFDA Awards this week at the Brooklyn Museum. Hosted by Issa Rae, it honoured the innovators of fashion and was a breeding ground for cutting edge looks, where many chose Mediterranean inspired colours and fabrics, such as Delaney Tarr in a rich mustard coloured piece, and plus-size clothing model Candice Huffine debuting a chic terracotta, rusty red jumpsuit. To recreate a dazzlingly classy and put-together look such as that of favourite of the catwalk, Huffine’s combination, you need look no further than Wholesale Shopping’s extensive online collection of women’s summer trousers or jumpsuits, including the Denim Lagenlook Jumpsuit, complete with a statement necklace reminiscent of Huffine’s choice of Gabriela Hearst and Lorraine Schwartz jewellery.

Allow your customers to start this summer with a clean slate, a tabula rasa of fashion experimentation, perhaps by emanating a truly Mediterranean relaxed vibe by choosing soft creams, ivories and white shades in a multitude of pieces. Women’s summer trousers this Spring Summer 2018 season are rising through the high couture and streetwear ranks in lighter shades, and our Linen Button Pocket Trousers are just the chicest and understated take upon a fashion favourite. Available on our website in an extensive range of colours, from Coral, to Fuschia, or even Lemon, many fashion-forward individuals this year will be looking for a neutral base to pair more statement, Mediterranean inspired pieces with, so these trousers in White or Grey are an absolute must-have this Spring Summer 2018 season. Featuring an elasticated waist with button pocket detailing and constructed in a light, airy fabric, this piece is a versatile and firm favourite among the fashion collectives this year, perfect for streetwear and holiday-wear alike.

At the core of Mediterranean fashion is undoubtedly the need for relaxed, breathable, light fabric. Whilst a vibrant range of hues most certainly denotes the lifestyle of this coastal vibe reaching all corners of the fashion world, it would not have such a staggering influence upon the looks and fashion choices of both the catwalk elite and the streetwear, day to day looks of your customers, if it was not coupled with functional and practical material. At Wholesale Shopping, we have one of the most extensive and eclectic collections of light, linen pieces, from long summer skirts, to women’s summer trousers, light beach wraps and cutting edge fashion harem culottes, the hub of fashion innovation, fashion favourites, and fashion flexibility for all this summer.

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