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Cocoon and Bubble Knit Jackets

Cocoon and Bubble Knit Jackets

With the winter drawing near and the cold weather draping down on us, every lady needs a statement jacket to carry you through the fall! Here are some of our favourite coats and jackets to step out in style in.


Soft Knit Button Up Jacket

Soft Knit Button Up

Sleek and suave, courteous yet refined, this ribbed button up jacket is this season’s greatest addition to the wardrobe. With a soft knit design and easily fastened funnel neck, this delicate and elegant jacket is perfect for any occasion. For a casual, formal or party look, this jacket is a great way to keep yourself in fashion and be the feast for one’s eyes. We recommend wearing this with a pair of leggings and heels, with a short sleeve top to match.

Knitted Funnel Neck Cocoon Jacket

Beat the melancholy drag of UK autumn weather with this warm and contemporary cocoon jacket. Its sense of home adds a perfect finishing touch to any outfit, making your day out in the cold a cosy and pleasant trip. Made solely in Italy, so we can guarantee the Italian perfection in each jacket. For the more plus size figures, featuring a funnel neck with a zip and contrasting colour styling on full length sleeves, recommended with denim and sharp boots.

Cocoon Striped Woolly Funnel Necked Jacket

When the weather outside is frightful, bring your soft knit jacket to keep you looking delightful. This must have vintage jacket offers comfort and a classic look to go against the elements and keep you looking fabulous! With sizes for shapely women, featuring a funnel neck with double button fastening and the mix of colours gives life to the wearer’s personality. To truly wear this, we recommend denim and high boots to really make the outfit pop!

Aztec Knitted Batwing Jacket

Aztec Batwing Jacket

Bring back the Aztec style in this elegant yet simple bat-wing jacket. Featuring a fur collar and fur cuffed sleeves, this zip up jacket offers the wearer a warm and sleek look without the high end cost. The bat-wing style gives the jacket three quarter length sleeves and allows for spacious feel in all the sizes available. We suggest wearing this with black trousers and boots or skinny jeans and general footwear.

Italian Bubble Knit Mid Length Jacket

bubble knit mid length


The bubble knit jacket offers a snazzy Italian look to suit a spunky personality. With bold button fastening and a dark collar, this can be paired with an upscale scarf and a casual or formal outfit to bring out the beauty in you. The sophisticated layout and the colour blend allows for a more eccentric coating for your personality. I would recommend the black and white version of this jacket as Vincent van Gogh said '' the contrast between black a white is as striking a colour as that of any other natural colour such as green or red''. This coat could be what’s lost from your outfit so don’t miss out!

Bubble Wool Funnel Neck Cocoon Jacket

Flying off the shelves this autumn, the cocoon jacket offers a perfect casual look that finishes all outfits off with a flawless touch. The ideal jacket, featuring a funnel neck design and woollen material which make it perfect for cold weather. These sharp threads offer a soft and delicate look, while the bubble feature adds a more aesthetic and subtle look. Why not break out of the cocoon jacket with one of our other stunning products such as a mesh top or an Italian dress and really show your wings!

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