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Why Linen Is A Spring Summer Essential

Why Linen Is A Spring Summer Essential

Every year, as temperatures gradually get hotter, we welcome linen with open arms. Linen can be worn extremely stylish for the whole family and comes in many trendy and versatile styles for all ages. Although linen is often styled with a more relaxed feel in mind, people are starting to see that this is not always the case and are beginning to think outside the box and create a more elevated look that they can easily take from desk to dinner in no time. But the question you are probably asking is, what is it about linen that makes it such a hot weather staple in everyone’s closet year on year?

Linen is notoriously known for its cooling benefits and remains the go- to material to help with staying cool on holiday and on those humid summer days. However, for many people it is still business as usual during summer and for those working away in an office with the glorious sun beaming in there is absolutely nothing worse than feeling all hot and bothered whilst trying to be productive. Here is our trick- ditch those thicker cottons! If you did not already know, one of the chicest ways to wear this wonderfully cooling material is to shameless rock a linen suit or a matching trouser and top two-piece combo for a smart-casual business appropriate attire. It’s loose fit and lightweight fabric means better air circulation as the clothing does not cling to you giving your body the desired space it needs to breathe. As if things could not get any more practical, linen garments are also able to reflect heat making it an obvious hot buy amongst shoppers as soon as spring time hits.

Work wear style tip: For professional summer work wear our ‘Wholesale Linen Button Pocket Trouser' is a fantastic option available in 12 great colours white. This item is currently available on our website and in our store, specialising in ladies’ fashion wholesale, Manchester. With cropped trousers a key element to keep in mind is that it’s all about getting the balance right and more importantly, nailing your choice of footwear! There is a variety of different ways you can style this for work one of our favourites is with a simple court heel and a fitted blouse.

As already highlighted, linen clothing can be dressed down for a casual coffee and stroll in town but can also be dressed up for a swanky dinner date. Here are a few style ideas and linen items that customers will not doubt be hunting the high street and web-shops for this season.

Our ‘Wholesale Linen Frill Hem Smock Top’ is a fantastic spring summer take on a fashion basic every woman needs added to their collection. This top can form a great foundation to a wardrobe whilst seamlessly anchoring statement pieces collected along the way. The beauty of basics is that they can be worn a million different ways complimenting almost any choice of outfit. This particular top will look exceptional paired with high-waisted denim jeans, lace up heels and some fun coloured tassel earrings for a relaxed summer style.

The jumpsuit remains a steady high-street favourite. This style of clothing is so well liked that it has even been given a dedicated day to celebrate its greatness. One of the reason jumpsuits are adored by women of all ages and shapes is simply because there is something out there to suit everyone and every event. It’s a quick fix to look stylish without much thought, and is also very forgiving so ladies do not have to think twice about the nuisance food baby being on show- living the fashion dream if you ask us! Our linen pinafore ‘Wholesale Striped Two Pocket Jumpsuit’ featuring a wide leg fit is all the rave at the moment. Wide leg bottoms are a power piece that every woman should own especially as it has topped the charts and been named the new “skinny”. This item available in 10 contrasting shades will have customers making a stress free, fashion-forward casual statement that will undoubtedly have them coming back for more.

It is a known fact that the highest quality linen is still being produced in Europe and thus our collection of made in Italy clothing wholesale opens doors for customers to be able to dress fashionably yet comfortable with great quality linen apparel at great prices. As summer is on our doorstep, it is unquestionable that linen is at the heart of our business and we wanted to make sure to stock up on the best, most desirable pieces here for you here Wholesale Shopping.

We pride ourselves on being a leading women’s clothing wholesale supplier in UK and encourage boutiques seeking the ultimate seasonal fashion trends to head over to our website today and browse our entire selection of linen tunics, dresses, trousers and blouses. We offer a range of clothing to meet all the necessary needs of shoppers looking to update their wardrobe with items that will keep them on trend and content all through summer.

For even more updates on the latest trends and fashion news stay tuned our blog where we will be sharing all the juicy insights of the fast-paced world of fashion to help your business flourish through the ever-changing climate and meet the constant change in customer demands and shopping habits!

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